Watermelon changelog
Watermelon changelog

Some more search & design improvements 🕵️‍♂️

Last week we improved searching in contacts and we made it even better! From now on, it's also possible to search on custom fields and the combination of several fields.

We also fixed some design issues:

  • We changed the training symbol from blue to green.
  • When no first- or last-name was known, a contact was displayed as Jane Doe in my contacts. We changed this to anonymous and the translation for every language.
  • Some contacts contained "CXhub", but now it says "Website Widget".
  • There was a small spelling mistake under contacts, where "informations" is now changed to "information".
  • When the name of a team becomes too long, the arrow won't disappear anymore.

New contacts overview! 🔎

We created a whole new experience on searching through your contacts. From now on you can also search by name, tag or note. This makes you search through your contacts at lightning speed! Okay, not lighting speed, but within 1 nanosecond! 🚀 Go check it out here.

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-20 om 15.31.46.png

Squashed some nasty bugs! 🪲

Surprise! Our dev team squashed some nasty bugs last week to make your experience better.

  • We added the title next to 'save and close', when you are creating or editing an existing conversation.
  • We have changed the flow and behaviour of the additional registration pop-up.
  • We noticed that there were some issues with picking up a new chat. We changed this, so you can pick up your conversations without any problems!
  • We resolved the issue when files extensions .PNG were shown as links instead of a preview in the website widget.
  • Sometimes emails were send slowly. We added an indicator to clarify this process.
  • It is now possible again to send a picture from the Watermelon platform to Whatsapp.

We fixed [object object] issue in FAQ & other improvements ⚡️

Our product melons worked really hard to improve the following features:

  • We changed the placeholder when adding a question variant in the FAQ. First it showed [object object], but now we have reverted this.
  • We noticed when you receive or send a file through Whatsapp, the preview text in the conversation overview showed: 'rscgateway'. We have changed this, so you can now see a preview of the file.
  • We changed the colour of the hover of the email beta label to white and green, so it's easier to read.
  • The website widget won't stop after losing internet connection, this sometimes happened on mobile devices.

Every order and transaction status just one click away with our new Mollie integration 🙌


Integrate Mollie now for all payment details!

In recent months, we have been working hard behind the scenes on our latest integration. Due to a unique collaboration between Mollie and Watermelon, an integration between the two platforms is available from today.

This makes payment and order statuses just one click away in the Watermelon platform. Switching between different systems is no longer necessary, and you have the right information at hand. Take advantage of the beta version from today!

Click here to integrate Mollie now!

iOS improvements

  • We've optimized automatically receiving conversations for an up-to-date overview in the app at all times.
  • We've also made optimizations in the display of agents. It now won't show deactivated agents in the menus anymore.

Improvement conversation builder 🛠️

  • We noticed in the conversation builder when you removed a custom field that you've added to a text module or end conversation module and you save it and then remove it, the text in this text field would disappear. After a refresh the text was back again. We've resolved this issue
  • We've changed the color in the statistics page when there is no data to be shown from blue to green

Styling Tubemap and FAQ button change

  • We noticed you were able to send a message in unassigned by selecting a emoji in the type bar. This would result in the message appearing to be sent from the person chatting in the Website Widget, instead of from the agent side in the platform. We've resolved this issue.
  • The hover in the Tubemap over the icons was blue. We've changed this to green.
  • The styling of the 'Add new question' button in the FAQ chatbot menu wasn't scaled correctly for smaller screens. We've changed this, now it will look good on every screen size!

Improvements in settings and WhatsApp

  • We noticed that if you have 55 conversations or more you couldn't see the last created conversation in the Link conversation module dropdown. We've fixed this, you can now always see your last conversation in the Link conversation module dropdown.
  • We noticed that in Settings the Website Widgets were shown duplicated. After a refresh this would be fixed. We've resolved this issue.
  • When you received a video through WhatsApp in the platform of Watermelon, the video would reload each time when a new message was received. We've fixed this. Now the video will only load once.

Can't reply to chats fix and notes improvement 📝

  • We noticed that sometimes you couldn't reply to new chat. We've resolved this issue
  • When you added a note to a contact, you weren't able to delete the note anymore. We've changed this. You can now delete created notes.