Squashed some bugs

  • We've fixed an issue where the created website widgets didn’t always show in the platform. Now you'll always see your created website widgets
  • We've also fixed an issue where changing the triggers in a conversation would result in not seeing the title of the conversation in the overview of all your chatbot conversations.
  • We added +1 hour to all out of office settings, since they were changed with the summer to winter time. Meaning that customers with opening hours from 08:00 till 18:00 were changed to 07:00 till 17:00. We've restored this.

Optimized the way the chatbot saves mismatches and other improvements

  • Occasionally some people didn’t receive mail notifications. We’ve fixed this issue
  • We’ve optimized the way the chatbot saves mismatches. Occasionally it also created mismatches in live conversations, this issue is fixed as well with the optimizations
  • We’ve fixed an issue where the chatbot always forwarded the conversation to human agents with the first mismatch.
  • The calendar module now shows past dates, future dates or both, depending on the settings in the conversation builder
  • We’ve optimized the way to connect Facebook to the platform of Watermelon. Due to this optimization it is possible that you have to re-connect your Facebook account. If so, you’ll receive an e-mail from us and you can connect Facebook again to keep in contact with your customers
  • We’ve also fixed an issue where filling in custom fields while copy and pasting from the chat itself would result into scrolling down to the last sent message, regardless of where you were at the chat.

Improvement the settings page

  • Improved the settings page of Watermelon. Occasionally when reloading the page would turn up empty and at times it didn't always save adjustments that were made. These problems are all resolved now
  • You can now see the total amount of contacts in the My contacts menu

Improved export of conversations 🙌

We improved the export of conversations from the Watermelon platform. The following things have been optimized

  • Made the export clearer by adding the name of the sender
  • Added unassigned conversations in a different column
  • Some clients experienced problems where not all conversations would show up in the export. We've fixed this issue

Access to Watermelon Academy 🎓 and improvements

  • We've added a button in the platform so you can access the Watermelon Academy. Learn everything about Watermelon and how to build the perfect chatbot.
  • Resolved an issue where you would hear a notification sound when picking up a conversation
  • We've optimized the Blue dot that appears whenever you have a new mismatch or made changes to existing knowledge for the chatbot. For mismatches it'll appear in front of the mismatch menu.

Out of office messages

Some users experienced problems with the out of office message while in the out of office period. The messages weren't sending at all. We've fixed this issue

Upload your own icon improvements

  • In the Essentials plan you'll now see the upload function as disabled. Before you couldn't see there was an upload function.
  • We've made a change so that every newly created website widget is our red brand color. You can change the color in Team and Professional plans.
  • Also we've changed the visual in the Watermelon platform at the website widget settings itself. The icon is now red, instead of blue so it matches how the end result looks

Improvements and fixed an issue 💪

  • We added dummy data to our platform. Whenever someone makes a Forever free account, they will receive 5 example contacts for the tour through the Watermelon platform. To get familiar with how everything works.
  • We've improved our notification mails. We noticed that some of the users of Watermelon experienced an issue where agents didn't receive mail notifications. From tonight and onwards notification mails will be send again for these users.

Upload your own website widget 🙌

Have you always wanted your own custom icon as a Website Widget? Fortunately, this is now possible with Watermelon! As a Team or Professional user you can easily upload your own icon, so that it fully matches your branding and website. Do you have an Essentials package? Then you can choose one of the icons that we have prepared for you! Would you rather personalize your icon? Easily upgrade your license in the platform!


Optimized the website widget and other improvements

  • We optimized the backend of the website widget resulting in a faster and better experience for your customers

  • Updated the style of the e-mails that are send from the platform, like reset password and Welcome to Watermelon e-mails.

  • We've fixed an issue where the existing website widgets didn't always show right away in the Watermelon platform. You had to reload to see them.

  • We've changed the name of the tab Create / Edit agents. It now says Agents

  • Now the first agent you click on in Create / edit agents will show current role of the selected agent. Before it would show the first agent as a support agent, even if their role was Admin.

  • Making team description are saved correctly again

  • We've updated the red dot on conversation overview in the menu indicating that a conversation is new. It now works like a charm.