Fix for degraded performance in loading conversations

We noticed a degraded performance in loading conversations. When logging into the platform of Watermelon, conversations in the conversation overview kept loading. We have identified the issue and resolved it. You won't experience any problems with loading conversations anymore.

Improvement chatbot conversations in Website Widget 💬

  • Occasionally when you lost internet on mobile or tablet devices you would get stuck in a chatbot conversation in the website widget. You had to close the conversation in order to talk to the chatbot again. We've improved the way our website widget handles this. When you lose internet now, you won't be able to continue when clicking on buttons. Whenever there is internet again, you can continue with the conversation.

Bug fix:

  • When you switched from an e-mail conversation to a website widget conversation or other messaging channel, you would still see the subject of the e-mail in the top bar of that conversation in Watermelon. We've solved this issue

Improved upgrading in Watermelon and bug fixes

  • Optimized the way you upgrade in Watermelon. The check on VAT number was really strict, now it allows spaces and has more explanation on how this works.
  • Added an upgrade button in the header for forever free users. Through this button forever free users can upgrade a lot easier.
  • We've fixed an issue where enters (breaks) in e-mails wouldn't show when the mail was sent from Watermelon to a mail provider.
  • There was an issue where you couldn't archive some e-mails in the platform of Watermelon. We've also resolved this issue

01 - Upgrade in header - Partial state.png

Improved searching at My contacts and bug fixes

  • When searching in the My contacts screen, it would sometimes after removing your search query, show the same results again. We’ve fixed this issue
  • We’ve fixed styling issue where the website widget icon didn’t show at archived conversations in the Conversation overview.
  • We noticed a few elements in the platform of Watermelon that were in the wrong color (blue). We’ve changed this colors to green to match the rest of the platform
  • When navigating to WhatsApp in Settings at Add / Edit WhatsApp you would not always see the WhatsApp number you had added. We’ve fixed this issue and also fixed the styling issue where the WhatsApp logo was partly cut off.

Custom field validation types

We've got an exiting update for you! We've added multiple new custom field types so you can validate the data that comes in to these fields.

What changed? With Custom fields you could always choose the “type” custom field. For example text or number. We’ve added new validation type options, see the options below:

  • Long text (Limit of 254 characters, both letters, numbers, characters and special characters)
  • Small text (Limit of 80 characters, both letters, numbers, characters and special characters)
  • Numbers (Only numbers, periods and commas. No spaces)
  • Phone number (26 digits allowed and '+' sign. Also no spaces)
  • E-mail (Must contain an '@' and a domain)
  • Date (10 characters, date format is 12-12-2020, 12/12/2020 or reversed 2020-12-12 & 2020/12/12. No spaces)
  • Currency (Must contain a currency character, numbers, periods and commas. No letters and no spaces.)

The validation takes place in both the conversation overview and my contacts, in terms of channels it only occurs in the Website Widget, in the chat window itself you will see the text turn red and you cannot send the message.

What happens to “old” custom field types? The custom fields will continue to work, so there is no action required. It can of course always be adjusted if you prefer a mail field instead of a text field.


  • We've optimized the way you can upgrade in Watermelon with some textual changes.
  • Also updated a few design elements in the upgrade flow to make it more clear.
  • Improved the date format in archived conversations and some minor design tweaks.
  • Improved the way you connect your Facebook account and how long it says connected if there is no activity.

Facebook update

Facebook has made changes to how Facebook Messenger works for Europe.

Starting from the today (16th of december), Facebook Messenger and Watermelon will work a bit differently:

  • There won’t be a typing indication anymore
  • Audio and video files will be shown as a link in Facebook Messenger
  • Images haven’t changed. So it will still show as you are used to
  • Other attachments will also be shown as a link in Facebook Messenger
  • You can still use the attachment module and send attachments from Watermelon to Facebook. The only change is that it will show as a link, and not a preview in Facebook Messenger
  • Since Watermelon is using Quick replies for chatbot responses, your chatbot will continue to work as you are used to.

Note from Facebook

Messenger Platform Announcement

Messenger API Updates for Europe - As part of our efforts to comply with new privacy rules in Europe, we're making updates that will impact some developers and businesses that use our Messenger API. Beginning December 16th, several Messenger APIs will be unavailable for developers and businesses in Europe, and for people in Europe who connect with businesses globally. Read more about the update here.

Optimization in the mail integration and bug fixes

  • Occasionally you would receive a sound notification from colleague’s conversation when you selected it. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • There was a problem when you replied to an e-mail of yourself in the Watermelon platform, it would be send to the mail address of the sender, and not the receiver. We’ve solved this.
  • When sending a message from platform to channels and there is no internet connection, you’ll see a ‘try to send again’ button underneath the message.
  • When a conversation is forwarded to a team that you are in, you were not able to see the conversation in the unassigned tab, while it did show in the filter. We’ve solved this and you are now able to see the conversation in unassigned conversations.

Our brand new mail integration is in beta! ✉️

Have your mail inbox open in addition to Watermelon? Well, that's in the past! As of today you simply connect your favorite email provider to Watermelon. Gmail, Outlook, Office365, your own mail servers or mail hosts such as Mijndomein - everything is possible. You just mail your customers like you are used to in your mailbox - only now via Watermelon!

Downloading files from the website widget

We’ve just released a bug fix for downloading images, pdf files and other files and document types from the website widget. We noticed that when you downloaded it, you would get an error and not the file. Now when you click on a file in the website widget, you'll download the file!